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Advances in Marine Biology, Volume 52

By: D.W. Sims

LE 297.00

LE 237.60

Bioremediation of Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems

By: Milton Fingerman, R. Nagabhushanam

LE 175.60

LE 140.48

Biological Invasions in Marine Ecosystems

By: Gil Rilov, Jeffrey A. Crooks

LE 360.00

LE 288.00

Synthetic Pyrethroids

By: Jay Gan, Frank Spurlock, Paul Hendley, Donald Weston

LE 252.20

LE 201.76

Chronobiology of Marine Organisms

By: Ernest Naylor

LE 128.80

LE 103.04

Marine Ecological Processes

By: John H. Steele, Steve A. Thorpe, Karl K. Turekian

LE 192.00

LE 153.60

Finfish Aquaculture Diversification (Cabi)

By: Nathalie R Le François, Malcolm Jobling, Chris Carter, Pierre Blier

LE 386.20

LE 308.96

Aquatic Biodiversity and Pollution. India

By: Pawan Kumar Bharti

LE 39.40

LE 31.52

Aquaculture and Behavior

By: Felicity Huntingford, Malcolm Jobling, Sunil Kadri

LE 138.00

LE 110.40