Synthetic Pyrethroids

Occurrence and Behavior in Aquatic Environments (Acs Symposium Series)

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Authors: Jay Gan, Frank Spurlock, Paul Hendley, Donald Weston
  • ISBN: 9780841274334
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  • Number Of Pages: 496
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • Categories Marine Biology  
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This book examines the fate and effects of pyrethroid compounds, with an emphasis on processes leading to off-site movement, impacts on aquatic ecosystems, and approaches for risk mitigation. It contains new studies and up-to-date reviews in 20 information-packed chapters. Synthetic pyrethroids are an important class of insecticides that have found widespread use in both urban and agricultural systems. Their importance will likely increase further as the use of some organophosphate and carbamate products, e.g., diazinon and chlorpyrifos, is becoming restricted. The increased use, along with the heightened awareness of nonpoint source pollution and its impacts on surface water quality has stimulated research leading to detections of pyrethroid residues in surface aquatic systems. Consequently, research on the fate, transport and ecotoxicological effects of pyrethroids has expanded considerably over the last decade. This book describes various aspects of recent research and developments related to pyrethroid use patterns, occurrence in aquatic environments, analytical methods, fate and distribution, aquatic toxicology, chirality, and stewardship and risk mitigation. Many of the topics covered in this book are highly up to date and address emerging issues related to the widely used pyrethroid insecticides. A similar book does not exist.