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McGraw-Hill conducted in-depth research to create a new learning experience that meets the needs of students and instructors today. The result is a reinvented learning experience rich in information, visually engaging, and easily accessible to both instructors (to build customized course resources and assessments.) and students.


Students learn better when they're actively engaged with the material. Lecture Capture offers new ways for students to focus on their coursework, both in and out of class.



Assign homework, quizzes, and exams directly from the textbook or test bank, including algorithmic variation to reduce cheating and encourage mastery. Built for each individual textbook, students experience consistent terminology as they learn.




Reinforce classroom concepts with a powerful interactive graphing tool that allows students to draw, shift, and manipulate graphs.




Connect classroom concepts to real world issues with current
events analysis and video cases by Michael Mandel, former Chief Economist of Business Week.


McGraw-Hill Connect offers a number of powerful tools and features to make managing assignments easier, so you can spend more time teaching. With Connect, students can engage with their coursework anytime and anywhere, making the learning process more accessible and efficient.




McGraw-Hill Campus Gateway provides faculty with one-click access to the full suite of McGraw-Hill Higher Education’s digital platforms (McGraw-Hill Connect, McGraw-Hill Create, McGraw-Hill Tegrity, and ALEKS, as well as text-specific instructional ancillaries for their chosen McGraw-Hill textbook). With a single sign-on, educators can minimize the time they spend jumping between stand-alone interactive tools and maximize their time by developing innovative and interactive lesson plans.

McGraw-Hill Campus Gateway allows educators to:

Easily access McGraw-Hill Connect and LearnSmart assessments, assignments and interactive activities.

Effectively capture lectures by making the most of instant access to McGraw-Hill Tegrity.


Quickly customize text with instant access to the McGraw-Hill Create custom-publishing database.


Easily search the online learning center for access to PowerPoint, test banks, images and animations.




SimNet for Office 2010 - Onlinetraining and assessment

Since 1999, instructors have been using SimNet to measure student outcomes in a virtual Microsoft® Office environment.
Now completely online, with nothing to install, students can practice and study their skills at home or in the school lab.
SimNet offers a complete computer-based learning side that presents each skill or topic in several different modes:

■ Teach Me: combines instructional text, graphics, and interactivity to present each skill.

■ Show Me: uses animation with audio narration to show how the skill is implemented.
■ Let Me Try: allows students to apply and practice what they have learned on their own to master the learning objective.

SimNet is scannable so students can quickly scan the tasks in a lesson to identify the skills they know and the ones they don’t . . . saving them time! Those skills includes all  what these applications and systems offer:

Microsoft® Office Suite

■ Microsoft® Outlook

■ Windows XP

■ Windows Vista

■ Windows 7

■ Internet Explorer 7

■ Internet Explorer 8

■ Computer Concepts