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Nanoparticle Engineering for Chemical-Mechanical Planarization

By: Ungyu Paik, Jea-Gun Park

LE 231.40

LE 185.12

Research for the Global Good

By: Daniel D. Watch

LE 71.60

LE 57.28

Tactical Biopolitics

By: Beatriz Da Costa, Kavita Philip, Joseph Dumit

LE 38.40

LE 30.72

Essential Computational Modeling in Chemistry

By: Philippe G. Ciarlet

LE 153.60

LE 122.88

Nanomaterials for Solid State Hydrogen Storage (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Energy)

By: Robert A. Varin, Tomasz Czujko, Zbigniew S. Wronski

LE 223.40

LE 178.72



LE 57.60

LE 46.08

Gold Nanoparticles for Physics, Chemistry and Biology

By: Catherine Louis, Olivier Pluchery

LE 212.60

LE 170.08

Molecular Beam Epitaxy

By: Mohamed Henini

LE 460.00

LE 368.00