Nuclear Physics

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Practical Energy Efficiency Optimization

By: G.G. Rajan

LE 72.00

LE 57.60

Condensed Matter Nuclear Science

By: Akito Takahashi, Ken-Ichiro Ota, Yasuhiro Iwamura

LE 177.00

LE 141.60

Opportunities with Exotic Beams

By: Thomas Duguet, Henning Esbensen, Kenneth M. Nollett, Craig D. Roberts

LE 153.00

LE 122.40

Nuclear and Particle Physics

By: W. S. C. Williams

LE 1028.00

LE 822.40

Nuclear Corrosion Modeling

By: Roy Castelli

LE 403.20

LE 322.56

Nuclear Analytical Techniques for Metallomics and Metalloproteomics

By: Chunying Chen, Zhifang Chai, Yuxi Gao, Weiyue Feng, Zhiyong Zhang

LE 343.20

LE 274.56

Physics of Gas-Liquid Flows

By: Thomas J. Hanratty

LE 245.80

LE 196.64

Atomic and Molecular Beams

By: Cyril Bernard Lucas

LE 480.00

LE 384.00

Molecular Aggregation

By: Angelo Gavezzotti

LE 187.20

LE 149.76

Experimental Neutron Scattering

By: B. T. M. Willis, C. J. Carlile

LE 124.80

LE 99.84