Environmental Chemistry

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Toxicants in Terrestrial Ecosystems

By: T.R. Crompton

LE 270.00

LE 216.00

Handbook of Chemical and Environmental Engineering Calculations

By: Joseph Reynolds, John S. Jeris, Louis Theodore

LE 424.00

LE 339.20

Chemistry and Environmental Engineering (RTU)

By: Telang, Tulika

LE 40.00

LE 32.00

Green Chemistry and Engineering

By: Mukesh Doble, Ken Rollins

LE 232.00

LE 185.60

Microwave-Assisted Polymerization (RSC Green Chemistry)

By: Anuradha Mishra, Tanvi Vats, James H. Clark

LE 498.20

LE 398.56

Processes Determining Surface Water Chemistry

By: Volodymyr Osadchyy, Bogdan Nabyvanets

LE 750.00

Archaeological Chemistry

By: Mark Pollard, Carl Heron

LE 243.00