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Recent Advances In Solid State Chemistry

By: Samuel Carron

LE 104.40

LE 83.52

Supported Metals in Catalysis (2nd Edition) (Catalytic Science)

By: James A. Anderson, Marcos Fernandez Garcia

LE 362.60

LE 290.08


By: Martin S. Silberberg

LE 90.80

LE 72.64

Bioscience Methodologies in Physical Chemistry

By: Alberto D'amore, A. K. Haghi, Gennady Efremovich Zaikov

LE 359.20

LE 287.36

Self-Assembly of Biopolymers: Faraday Discussions No. 166

By: Royal Society of Chemistry

LE 601.60

LE 481.28

Ionic Transport Processes: in Electrochemistry and Membrane Science

By: Kontturi, Kyosti; Murtomaki, Lasse; Manzanares, Jose A.

LE 132.40

LE 105.92

Symmetry of Crystals and Molecules

By: Ladd, Mark

LE 208.00

LE 166.40

Voids in Materials

By: Gary M. Gladysz

LE 401.80

LE 321.44