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Chemistry. Julia Burdge, Raymond Chang

By: Julia R. Burdge

LE 73.60

LE 58.88

value back general chemistry

By: Bayton Eric

LE 59.20

LE 47.36

Conceptual Introduction to Chemistry

By: #value!

LE 89.60

LE 71.68

Fundamentals of Chemistry

By: Ralph Burns

LE 66.00

LE 52.80

Introductory Chemistry


LE 99.40

LE 79.52

Chemistry (Palgrave Foundations S.)

By: Rob Lewis

LE 65.00

LE 52.00

General Chemistry

By: Raymond Chang

LE 95.00

LE 76.00

General Chemistry

By: Ralph H. Petrucci, William S. Harwood, Geoffrey Herring

LE 60.80

LE 48.64


By: Theodore L. Brown, H.Eugene Lemay, Bruce E. Bursten, Catherine Murphy, Steve Langford, Dalius Sagatys

LE 88.00

LE 70.40


By: Theodore E. Brown, H. Eugene H Lemay, Bruce E. Bursten, Catherine Murphy, Patrick Woodward

LE 156.00

LE 124.80