Properties of Matter

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Harmonic, Wavelet and P-Adic Analysis

By: Yu V Egorov, A Khrennikov, Y Meyer, D Mumford, N. M. Chuong, Yu V. Egorov, A. Khrennikov

LE 177.00

LE 141.60

Ordered Porous Solids

By: Valentin Valtchev, Svetlana Mintova, Michael Tsapatsis

LE 226.20

LE 180.96

Lectures on Dynamics of Stochastic Systems

By: Valery I. Klyatskin 1988 Research Professor of Theoretical and Mathematical Physics Russian Academy of Science;1977 D. Sc. In Physical and Mathematic

LE 144.00

LE 115.20

Solid State Engineering Physics

By: Prabir Kanti Basu, Hrishikesh Dhasmana

LE 120.20

LE 96.16

The Nature of the Hydrogen Bond

By: Gastone Gilli, Paola Gilli

LE 155.80

LE 124.64

Solid State Physics: An Introduction. India

By: Philip Hofmann

LE 74.80

LE 59.84

Amorphous Semiconductors

By: Sandor Kugler, Koichi Shimakawa

LE 263.20

LE 210.56