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The Chemistry of Textile Fibres

By: Robert R Mather, Roger H Wardman

LE 91.60

LE 73.28

Fiber Science

By: Steven B. Warner

LE 452.00

LE 361.60

Textile Processing-India

By: N. N. Mahapatra

LE 154.60

LE 123.68

Textile Technology

By: N. N. Mahapatra

LE 118.00

LE 94.40

Advances in Silk Science and Technology

By: Arindam Basu

LE 573.80

LE 459.04

Fabric Structures in Architecture

By: J. Llorens

LE 723.00

LE 578.40

Garment Manufacturing Technology

By: Rajkishore Nayak, Rajiv Padhye

LE 731.20

LE 584.96

Characterization and Treatment of Textile Wastewater

By: Himanshu Patel, R. T. Vashi

LE 275.40

LE 220.32

Polymerisation of Ethylene: In Slurry Loop Reactors

By: Paul Allemeersch

LE 310.20

LE 248.16