Clinical Engineering (Principles and Applications in Engineering)

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Authors: Yadin David, Wolf W. Von Maltzahn, Michael R. Neuman, Joseph D. Bronzino
  • ISBN: 9780849318139
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  • Number Of Pages: 432
  • Edition: 1 Edition
  • Publication Date: 2003
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A volume in the Principles and Applications in Engineering series, Clinical Engineering focuses on managing the deployment of medical technology and integrating it appropriately with desired clinical practices. It provides a description of the wide range of responsibilities clinical engineers encounter, describes technology management and assessment in detail, and reviews the standards and regulatory agencies of interest. Then the book details various biomedical sensors, considering both biologic and electronic factors in sensor performance. Finally, the book covers bioinstrumentation, addressing traditional topics and recently developed instruments and devices such as pulse oximeters and home-care monitoring devices.