Microwave Communications Engineering Volume 1 Microwave Devices, Circuits and Subsystems

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Authors: Ian A. Glover, Steve Pennock, Peter Shepherd
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Microwave Devices, Circuits and Subsystems for Communications Engineering provides a detailed treatment of the common microwave elements found in modern microwave communications systems. The treatment is thorough without being unnecessarily mathematical. The emphasis is on acquiring a conceptual understanding of the techniques and technologies discussed and the practical design criteria required to apply these in real engineering situations.

Key topics addressed include:

Microwave diode and transistor equivalent circuits

Microwave transmission line technologies and microstrip design

Network methods and s-parameter measurements

Smith chart and related design techniques

Broadband and low-noise amplifier design

Mixer theory and design

Microwave filter design

Oscillators, synthesisers and phase locked loops

Each chapter is written by specialists in their field and the whole is edited by experience authors whose expertise spans the fields of communications systems engineering and microwave circuit design.

Microwave Devices, Circuits and Subsystems for Communications Engineering is suitable for senior electrical, electronic or telecommunications engineering undergraduate students, first year postgraduate students and experienced engineers seeking a conversion or refresher text.

Includes a companion website featuring:

Solutions to selected problems

Electronic versions of the figures

Sample chapter.