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Biological Control with Egg Parasitoids

By: E. Wajnberg, S. A. Hassan

LE 132.00

LE 105.60

Mechanistic Modelling in Pig and Poultry Production

By: Colin Fisher, Rob Gous, Trevor R. Morris

LE 192.00

LE 153.60

Handbook of Meat Product Technology. India

By: M.D. Ranken

LE 373.40

LE 298.72

The Behavioural Biology of Chickens

By: Surendra Mohite

LE 183.60

LE 146.88

Sustainable Animal Agriculture

By: Vivek Karwande

LE 183.60

LE 146.88

Value Addition & Quality Control of Meat Products

By: Prakash Shinde

LE 183.60

LE 146.88

Small Animals Stock Management

By: Talawad , J.A. Jawalikar

LE 74.80

LE 59.84

Sustainable Livestock Production

By: Abie Garcia

LE 90.40

LE 72.32

Precision Dairy Farming

By: Claudia Kamphuis, Wilma Steeneveld

LE 340.00