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Science of Synthesis


LE 9600.00

LE 7680.00

Microbial Glycobiology

By: Anthony P Moran, Otto Holst, Patrick Brennan, Mark Von Itzstein

LE 240.00

LE 192.00

Building Global Biobrands

By: Francoise Simon, Philip Kotler, Kevin Sharer

LE 36.80

LE 29.44

Industrial Biotechnology , India

By: A. S. Mathuriya

LE 119.40

LE 95.52

Proteotronics: Development of Protein-Based Electronics

By: Eleonora Alfinito, Jeremy Pousset

LE 384.80

LE 307.84

Anticandidal Agents

By: Awanish Kumar

LE 395.80

Microbial Symbioses

By: Sebastien Duperron

LE 440.00

Stem Cell Manufacturing

By: Joaquim M. S. Cabral, Claudia Lobato da Silva

LE 1078.00