An Encyclopedia of Small Fruit

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Authors: Robert E Gough
  • ISBN: 9781560229391
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  • Number Of Pages: 176
  • Edition: 1 Edition
  • Publication Date: 2008
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An A-to-Z look at the world of small fruits

While there are many books on small fruit culture, their focus is often very specific or confined to just a few species. Packed with useful information, An Encyclopedia of Small Fruit is the comprehensive A-to-Z reference that not only details all temperate and tropical small fruit grown throughout the world, but also provides a description and culture of each. This easy-to-use single volume covers everything amateur growers need to produce and nurture their favorites and to learn about the exotics as well.

As practical as it is informative, An Encyclopedia of Small Fruit offers the home grower and layperson access to the hard-to-find facts on the history and use of our most important—and most obscure—small fruit. Complete with over 400 easy-to-understand entries, a helpful glossary covering the most commonly used terms, and a detailed reference section for further reading, this handy listing is the unique text that is both practical guide and enlightening resource.

An Encyclopedia of Small Fruit covers: • the history of temperate and tropical small fruit • history of use • world production figures • vegetative and reproductive aspects • cultural practices • pruning, training, fertilization, and planting • harvest criteria • current and common uses • hardiness adaptability based on USDA hardiness zones and looks in detail at fruits such as: • akebia • belle apple • bearberry • custard banana • bilberry • blackcap • Barbados and ground cherries • carissa • cranberry • elderberry • hottentot fig • grape • goumi • guava • lingonberry • monox • autumn olive • prickly pear • quince • raspberry • rosehips • serviceberry • tayberry • umkokolo • whortleberry • and many, many more! An Encyclopedia of Small Fruit is an ideal resource for the home grower, general fruit garden enthusiast, and small commercial growers as well as for college-level students and educators focusing on small fruit production and pomology.