Surface Replacement of the Hip (With DVD-ROM)

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1. Relevant Anatomy and biomechanics of the Hip, 2. Evaluation of the Hip and Hip Replacement, 3. Metal on Metal Hip Resurfacing: Past and Present, 4. Advantages of Surface Replacement Over Hip Replacement, 5. Patients Selection for Surface Replacement Hip: Indications and Contraindications, 6. Surface Relacement: Impant Design and Rationale, 7. Preoperative Planning for Surgery, 8. Surface Replacement (ASR) Instrumentation, 9. Surgical Approaches, 10. Steps for Surface Replacement Arthroplasty, 11. Postoperative Management and Rehabilitation, 12. Problems Associated with Surface Replacement Arthroplasty, 13. Tips: Surface Replacement Arthroplasty.